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 Cleaning service

     Sweep Home Indiana LLC Cleaning Service makes sure your cleaning needs are taken care of on time and to completion. We understand efficiency to maximize your time. The faster we can get your apartment cleaning done, the higher your turnover rate will be. We strive to help management in achieving a higher turnover rate so that your apartments can be at max tenant occupancy. We maintain a cleaning crew that is efficient and timely so you can easily schedule your needed cleanings quickly and easily. We make sure the process is simple so you can focus on other important aspects of your apartment complex that needs your attention instead of wasting your time scheduling and stressing about who is going to clean the next apartment and get it ready for the next available tenant.


     If you would like your apartment complex to have a custom proposal drawn up for you, fill out our quick forum with the minimal information and our bidding specialist will get back with you with a detailed report. Thank you for choosing Sweep Home Indiana LLC for your apartment cleaning needs. 

Apartment Turnover Cleaning

Our Commercial Apartment Turnover cleaning service makes sure your apartments are Sanitized and clean from top to bottom. We make sure every detail is completed in every cleaning so you can relax and know every cleaning will be to your satisfaction.

Scrubbing the Sink

We are here to help you get higher turnover rates and spend more time on the more important aspects of maintaining that goal. All jobs are completed with our full attention and guaranteed. 

Commercial Apartment Turnover  Cleanings are a necessity if you are having people move in and out of your apartment complex a few times a month. We make sure your apartments are ready for the next tenant.

Garbage Bag

We maintain all your common area windows to keep the areas more fresh and clean.

Empty Room

Apartment common cleaning areas always include trash maintenance and an overall freshening-up, making a nice clean environment for all to enjoy.

Interior Windows
Apartment Common Area Cleaning 
We maintain cleaning areas on a weekly basis starting with the "common areas" of your buildings. This includes hallways, entryways, laundry rooms, and any fitness rooms your complex has. We vacuum/sweep the areas, steam mop floors, wash windows, sanitize hard surfaces, dust, remove all trash receptacles and replace, remove any debris, and any cleaning maintenance requested to maintain your beautiful apartments. We make sure your apartments and any guests have a well maintained clean environment for all your patrons to enjoy.

Common Area Cleaning- Hallways/Entryways

Mosque Hallway
Gym Equipment

Fitness Room Cleaning Maintenance 

Laundry Room Cleaning Maintenance 

Hotel work desk

Main Office Lobby Cleaning Maintenance

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