Post Construction Clean-Up

     Construction projects can be a messy endeavor on a new home, or in an existing home. We at Sweep Home LLC help by eliminating the clutter and mess during a project, after a project, and final touch up cleaning so the home has a new look and you won't be able to tell a construction company was even there, except for the new renovations. 

     Post Construction clean-up is the cleaning of all the dust, debris, and materials after a construction company had completed a project. We make sure your project area is completely clean and ready to present as new. You wouldn't want to present a project that isn't complete, and without post-construction clean-up, it would be messy and not presented at its full potential. After all your hard work building, let our team of cleaners finalize the last step for you. 

Highlights of Post Construction  Clean-up
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New Home Construction projects leave a trail of debris and dust throughout the home. We have a complete cleaning process that can straiten up the messiest of construction jobs to fully finish the project.  

We offer mid-construction clean-up, rough clean-up, & final clean-up. 

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Post-construction project clean-up consists of detailing all the counters, cupboards, light fixtures, baseboards, bathrooms, and floors to bring the home to a livable dust-free environment. 

After the disarray of building and remodeling, let our team alleviate the last items on your to-do list and beautifying your work area.

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