$25 Cash Value Gift Ceritificate.

* Gift Certificate may only be redeemed with purchases of Sweep Home Indiada Service Plans ( Basic / Standard / Premium ) 

- Please Read Term & Condition before purchase - 

$25 Gift Certificate

  • Gift Certificate are not returnable, exchangable, or refundable for cash. Resale of gift certificate is not permitted without Sweep Home Indiana consent. Lost or stolen gift certificates will not be replace. Sweep Home Indiana have no liability to any lost, demaged or stolen gift certificates or any unauthorized use of your gift ceritficate by third parties. 

    Sweep Home Indiana have the right to refuse acceptance of any gift certificate, and may request other form of payment. We recommend that you do not purchase any discounted gift certificates from any unauthorized third party resellers. These certificates may have been purchased with stolen credit cards and may be close at anytime or refuse by Sweep Home Indiana. 

    Sweep Home Indiana Gift Certificate may be use as a personal or business gifts but may not be used in connection with any marketing, advertising or other promotional activities without Sweep Home Indiana approval.